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ion. The inves■tigations of palæographers are not the● edifice, but the materials prepared for i■ts construction. History is above a■rchæology, as the house● is above its foundations. The building raise●d by the architect is the end. In it men ■find a pleasant dwelling-place, shelte

red fr■om the inclemency of the seasons. But ●it is a good thing to excavate, to dig

out ■fragments of rock from the bosom of the

ear●th; it is advantageous, when you b■uild, to have stones, and good stones too. T■he historian who sets little store by arch&●aelig;ology betrays a superf●icial mind; the archæologist who sets● little store by his


tory betrays a mind w●hose cultivation is still incompl

ete. B●ut we need not fear this movement; it has no ch■ance of success. Real h